Wind - No energy option is without impact

Ruth Kenward’s letter over wind turbine noise really troubled me. Is she really saying that the wind industry is just like the tobacco industry?

This is some allegation, and implies that there is a massive cover-up and enormous corruption going on.

That is not the case with the wind industry and she should apologise and withdraw this outrageous allegation.

My experience in talking with the wind industry about the micro-noise issue and the kind of arguments put forward by Ruth Kenward and others is that frankly they are bemused.

All the studies into the levels of noise experienced with wind turbines show no linkage with the kind of health effects she alleges, with noise barely above background levels even at the closest properties. If wind turbines cause the effects she alleges, then where does road traffic noise sit? Or jets regularly flying over us every 90 seconds en route to Gatwick and audible over wide areas? How do you screen out existing anxieties and conditions at this extremely low level?

The micro-noise movement is mainly an internet phenomenon and close inspection of their ‘allegations’ reveals not much science but a lot of anecdotal statements and the occasional local GP who feels there is a link but not much else.

I think that wind just happens to be the fall guy to blame, regardless of the evidence, because it is a relatively new presence in the landscape and it is flavour of the month in the right-wing press to blame wind for all our ills?

No energy option is without impacts – what about a nuclear plant in Pevensey Bay or some shale gas fracking, Ruth? The biggest health scandal of the age is not wind power, but that in the face of clear evidence of climate change we did nothing, and even prevented the very renewable energy solutions that would get us on a low-carbon path. That for me is pretty depressing and wakes me up in the night sometimes. Concerned readers should visit the Glyndebourne turbine and make their own mind up on this issue.

Stewart Boyle