Wind power is doomed and very expensive

In response to Stewart Boyle’s letter (‘No energy option is without impact, March 22), my intention was certainly not to allege an actual cover-up.

Rather, I was pointing to the fact that wind energy companies do have a vested interest in drawing attention to their positive green aspects and debunking any negative information/evidence, especially when it presents wind energy in a less green light.

With respect, there is a growing mountain of evidence piling up around the world that challenges many of Stewart Boyle’s assertions. To give just three examples:

1. In Denmark, a pioneer nation in the field of wind energy, the giant state-owned power company (Dong Energy) has abandoned all future onshore wind farms;

2. The UK Government’s Valuation Office Agency, which decides council tax valuations, has accepted that having wind turbines built near homes can sharply decrease their value, for a variety of reasons, and has, as a result, moved some into a lower tax band;

3. Worldwide, there is peer reviewed evidence confirming detrimental effects on health caused by wind turbines. (Details for these three points and more can be found at

You might also like to know that Mr Boyle did not, when writing in to your paper, declare his own vested interest.

His business (Boyle Consulting) “offers specialist media and web strategies for renewable energy companies, as well as writing support for companies seeking greater presence” ...which may explain what was going on here!


I am totally with Mr Boyle on the importance of green energy solutions – but wind power is – by its very nature – doomed to very expensive unreliability. However, we are a small island nation, blessed to be surrounded by utterly reliable tides. My hopes for our future energy needs lie in that direction.

Ruth Kenward