Wind turbine evidence is unreliable

Tony Parker’s letter concerning wind turbine noise is disingenuous. He also has a dig at the whole Christie family which is quite uncalled for.

He quotes from the Daily Mail as though its well-known opposition to wind power, the evidence of climate change, and any effort to combat emissions which costs money, is ‘evidence’. I wouldn’t rely on that source if you want any kind of change in our polluting energy system.

On noise, there has been a massive amount of effort put into measuring wind turbine noise in the real world. A 14-volume report for the UK Government into this several years ago concluded that: “There are no direct health effects from noise at the level of noise generated by wind turbines. It has been repeatedly shown by measurements of wind turbine noise undertaken in the UK, Denmark, Germany and the USA over the past decade ... that the levels of infrasonic noise and vibration radiated from modern, upwind configuration wind turbines are at a very low level; so low that they lie below the threshold of perception.” The working group who produced this by the way had three sceptical local authority people on board.

Of course Mr Parker’s real game via his letter is to give the impression that wind turbines are noisy beasts causing havoc across the land and to encourage anyone with an axe to grind to have a go on the noise issue and try and tie up wind developers in extra costs and hassle. I’d just say to anyone interested in this issue – go to the Glynde turbine and listen for yourself. The fact that Mr Parker’s anti-wind view is really personal is given away by his nasty dig at the motives of the whole Christie family. In my experience this is usually the tactic of someone who has lost the argument but hasn’t the good grace to admit it.

Thank goodness we have some decent people with vision prepared to do something about the climate disaster we are sleep-walking into.

Stewart Boyle, Ringmer