Windfarm monstrosity

Joyce Richards letter ‘Stamp Out Windfarms’ (April 27) should be compulsory reading for all residents of the county, especially those who are ambivalent about the effect of these monstrosities on our beautiful and precious landscape. The height of those proposed for the Shepham Lane site is 414 feet – when the Downs just opposite are barely 500 feet high!

The visual impact will be shocking and their contibution to the local economy will be negligible. The only beneficiaries will be GTR who most certainly would not be proceeding with the project if they were not receiving massive subsidies from the British taxpayer – yes – that means you and me.

Forget the apparent bribe to local communities from GTR, there are too many ifs and maybes for it to be taken seriously. Forget also the nonsensense about windfarms producing green energy – our economy simply cannot afford it. The economy is in an awful mess and and in order to help get us out of this mess we need a huge increase in our energy output even if this is achieved by the so called “dirty” means of coal or nuclear. When our economy is sound again and we can better afford it, that is when we should be exploring the greener option. Windfarms, however, are not and never will be the answer.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and we must not let commercial organisations and goverments trample all over us. Our local economy depends, in considerable measure, on the beauty of our environment and we should do all in our power to preserve it.

Tom Dalgleish, Hailsham