With no bank in Newhaven we need action not words

As our last remaining bank, HSBC, departs leaving us with no counter service in the town, I recall writing to your newspaper when NatWest closed their High Street branch, in 2012, suggesting that anyone who was concerned by the fact we would then only have one bank left, should change their bank account to HSBC to support their presence in our town.

Did even one person do this I wonder?

There will now be three empty banking premises in Newhaven. With the emergence of some new banks; TSB, Metro, Virgin Money, the task now for our civic leaders is to persuade at least one of these that it is worth opening a branch here, but then if we are lucky enough to secure a new bank branch on our High Street, will anyone bother to open an account with them?

Most people, when asked, admit to not changing banks as it is too difficult, however with the Government’s new ‘Current Account Switch Service’, launched in October 2013, it is now much easier and faster, and should be hassle free.

Local business needs local support, so if a new bank does have the faith to open a branch in Newhaven, then I hope people will support it with more than just words.

M C Young