Withdrawal of Lewes Bonfire effigy of Alex Salmond was appalling

As a Scot who has lived in Sussex for more than 30 years and who understands the traditions of the area,

I am appalled by the decision to withdraw the effigies of Alex Salmond from this year’s bonfire events.

I am also amazed that someone was so ‘offended’ that they complained to the police. These people should get out more.

I have no affiliation to the Lewes Bonfire societies and have never attended the event, but I do strongly defend their right to political protest which is a bedrock of our democratic society.

I saw an interview with Alex Salmond himself and he was more concerned about the welfare of the Loch Ness monster on the tableau than himself. I totally agree, animal cruelty is abhorrent.

In conclusion, I would like to give my full support to Waterloo and all the other bonfire societies. Please continue with your traditions and your satirical observations.

Let’s not forget that 55% of the population of Scotland are probably partial to a bit of ‘Smoked Salmond’ anyway.

Brian Bateman