Woman bishops - what happened to democracy?

Last week the General Synod of the Church of England (which I thought was a democratic institution) voted down the motion set before it –“To allow woman to become Bishops”.

This democratic decision has been demonised by the Synod, Mr Cameron, the BBC reporters, and various members of the press.

As this is a theological problem, I feel safe in pointing out what the Bible has to say on the issue.

Twice in Revelation,( Jesus Christ, Ch1v5),”Says”, Ch2v6 “I hate the deeds of the “Nicolaitanes”

v15 “The doctrines of the “Nicolaitanes”, which thing I hate”. The meaning of this word is “The suppression of the Laity by the clergy, from two Greek words “to conquer” and “the people”.

It seems to indicate that there were some church leaders even in these early days, who wanted to hold office and get power over the people. Now it was the laity, members of the Synod who carried the vote.

What right has David Cameron, or anybody else for that matter, to interfere in the democratic process of the Church of England. You would think we lived in a democracy wouldn’t you!

For more than 20 years I served as a Deacon (servant) at Chapel Park Road Baptist Church.

I learned to serve, ie I looked after the fabric, visited the sick, ran a youth club, taught in a Bible class.

The trouble is everybody wants to be in charge don’t they. Caring has gone out of the window.

May I just point out that my wife’s maiden name is Bishop, and that one of my ancestors, Robert Pursglove 1504-1579, was appointed a bishop by no less a person than Henry VIII. He out lived Mary Tudor, Edward VI and retired under Elizabeth I. There is to this day a Grammar school named after him at Tideswell, Derbyshire, and a sixth form college in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

Mike Pursglove

Pevensey Bay