Yet another cycle way

I am amazed to see that another cycle way is being built in a field next to the A27. This, we are told, will run from Beddingham to Firle. I believe there was a lot of amazement and criticism when one was built near a busy junction on the outskirts of Ringmer.

I drive from Firle to Laughton most days through Glynde. This road is full of massive potholes along its entire length.

We are always being told there is not enough money to repair these roads, which we would all understand, if it wasn’t for the fact that we see these strange cycle ways being constructed in fields nearby.

Is it possible that someone from the authority responsible could tell us how many potholes would have been repaired if they hadn’t built a cycle way that, if the Ringmer one is an example, very few people will use?

Roger Steadman, Firle