Yet more EU-originating taxes being imposed on us

In the last few weeks, a leaflet has dropped through our letterbox, from Lewes District Council, asking our opinion on the introduction of a green waste collection service in our neighbourhood.

It does not take much imagination to see where this is going.

It is now proposed that we pay between £60-£75 pa for a fortnightly collection, in addition to our council tax. If we do not want to use this paid for service we are told that we can continue to deposit our green waste at a recycling centre in our area. Here in Seaford this service has already been stripped down to three days a week and could well, in the future, be scrapped altogether. This means many households would be obliged to pay £60-£75 annually for waste collection and this charge is yet another tax that is bound to creep up over the years.

Did you know that this is the result of new targets, emanating from EU Directive 2008/98/EC, for the disposal of commercial and domestic waste? It is time we made a stand against the growing number of taxes originating in Brussels. Only UKIP seem to recognis3e the increasing encroachment of the EU into our own governance and sovereignty and are prepared to do something about it.