Your thoughts on war and peace

Two local events happening soon present a moral dilemma.

They oppose each other with the feelings behind them - Conscientious Objectors Day on 15 May (when there is a vigil at the Peace Garden in Seaford at 6pm) and Armed Forces Day in June. We Quakers are known for our peace testimony but thought readers’ opinions ought to be sought.

Questions that these events raise should be of concern to everybody. Can we accept the armed forces without exalting them and taking our children to play on killing machines? Do we glorify war to get out of thinking about the suffering it causes?

After so much investment in military hardware can their use still be presented as necessary ‘defence’? Why do we spend so much more on armaments than any other country of comparable size? Do politicians lead us into war when so many oppose it? Would we personally kill from a feeling of patriotism? Have our attitudes to conscientious objection changed?

Quakers remain open to other relevant questions and thoughts.

Joyce Bowley

For Seaford Quaker Meeting