Your vote needed to secure funding for Newhaven Food Bank

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The Newhaven Food Bank could stand to net £50,000 if it wins ITV’s People’s Millions - and they need your votes.

Project organisers Newhaven Community Development Association (NCDA) began running the scheme in September this year.

The money will be used to launch a new project which will use donated perishable items to make freezable meals and food items, such as soups or desserts.

Called Food 4 Seahaven: Community Kitchen, the scheme would aim to recruit local volunteers to prepare meals and run cooking on a budget sessions to teach people using the food bank how to cook more cheaply.

Sally Foote, from NCDA, said: “This is a fantastic project for Newhaven.

“It will give local people the opportunity to learn more about cooking on a budget using fresh ingredients and at the same time help to address food waste.

“We hope you will support this project by voting for us on Monday.”

Food 4 Seahaven is a finalist in the 2013 ITV People’s Millions.”

The telephone number on call and cast your vote will appear in the Daily Mirror on Monday November 25.

And short film will be shown on ITV Meridian News between 6pm and 6.30pm.

Voting will take place from 9am to 12 midnight on that day and the winner will be announced the following afternoon.

This project will extend the content of food parcels already provided through the food bank, by using donated perishable food from Sainsbury’s in Newhaven.

It will also help to change and improve eating habits and nutrition among the poorest section of the community, improve well-being, improve health and cut obesity, as well as reduce dependency on food bank handouts and crisis interventions.

People can support the project by following Food 4 Seahaven on: Twitter: NCDALtd

Facebook: Food 4 Seahaven, Newhaven Food Bank

Logging onto the People’s Millions website

The Food Bank provides a lifeline to families and individuals in crisis in Newhaven and the surrounding areas.