Barry Humphries congratulates Dermot O’Leary for bravely ‘coming out’ on This Morning

The man behind Dame Edna had the hosts of This Morning in fits of laughter over his embarrassing blunder

Barry Humphies, the Australian comedian behind the iconic Dame Edna Everage character, caused amusement in the studio of This Morning yesterday (26 November).

The 87-year-old star was telling host Dermot O’Leary on the ITV daytime show that he had a really good memory, before congratulating the host on his courage for coming out as gay last year.

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Of course, it was This Morning’s Monday to Thursday presenter Philip Schofield who opened up about his sexuality, not O’Leary.

O’Leary, who is straight, attempts to delicately deal with the confusion but his co-host Alison Hammond cannot contain her laughter.

Humphries said: “Last year, when he came out and told us about his sexuality.”

Confused by their puzzled response, he continued: “No, no. I think a lot of people respected you for that.”

O’Leary tried to set the record straight by replying: “Thank you. I’ll pass that onto the gentleman who’s here from Monday to Thursday.”

“Sorry, have I...” Humphries asked before continuing on to say: “Your bravery was amazing. And by the way, we’re all in show business.”

Schofield hosts the show alongside Holly Willoughby from Monday to Thursday, while O’Leary and Hammond take over on Fridays.

Social media was divided over whether Humphries’ blunder was genuine or a deliberate joke.