Brits face €750 fine if they go topless in the Costa del Sol

Brits abroad will need to prepare for tan lines this summer as officials look set to hit topless tourists with fines as high as €750 for indecent exposure.

The new ban, which will be directly implemented in Marbella, will also prohibit women from walking around the streets in bikinis.

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The new rules come after the local council declared last year it would outlaw disorderly behaviour amid concerns the Costa del Sol's landmark city, Marbella, was having its reputation tarnished by stag and hen parties.

The new laws are also expected to affect the upmarket Puerto Banus.

But for holidaymakers, the crackdown looks set to primarily affect stag and hen parties, with rowdy behaviour, including lewd clothing and novelty sex toys set to be also banned.

According to official documents seen by the Euro Weekly News, it will be illegal to be seen in public 'naked, semi-naked, with a naked torso, in underwear, with clothes or accessories that represent the genitals or other intimate body parts, or with dolls, devices, symbols or elements of a sexual nature.'

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Bikini ban

Bikinis and other swimwear will also be banned 'except in swimming pools and on the beach.'

Marbella's City Mayor Frederic Zomero explained to Good Morning Ulster that the new rules are to preserve the city's glamorous image.

He said: 'We have a city that is known all over the world for our image associated with quality tourism and with glamour. For us it is very important to preserve this image."

But when asked if the rule was to deter fat tourists with tattoos the Mayor said: "The fat tourists are welcome to our city, we have many chances to make sport by our seaside.

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"But we think some behaviours like to be without clothes at the centre of the city or to make stag and hens parties with sexual items on their heads for example - we don't think they are convenient for our image.

"We have to make our laws thinking of the future of our city. We have seen many other places in Spain, beautiful places, that doesn't act in any way and now the quality of the people that are visiting these kind of cities are lower than the people from the past.'

The new regulations are expected to be approved by the end of June.

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