Five great tips for comfortable summer driving

Brits hitting the road to reach their staycation destinations, being comfortable in the car has become more important.

Ensuring coolant is topped up, being prepared to slow down and parking in shaded areas are all ways to take the stress out of longer journeys.

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Direct sunlight can affect wheel pressure so they should be checked on a morning when the air is cooler is also a top tip.

These are more summer driving tips:

1 Low sunThe sun can often be very low and dangerous when driving in the summer, particularly late at night. Using your sun vizors will help provide safer conditions as you concentrate on the road. Don’t be afraid to slow down to increase your reaction time if something goes wrong and backing off from the car in front will also make it a safer drive.

2 TyresWhen cars are left in sunlight the heat can cause the tyre air to expand, therefore increasing the pressure. Ensure that all tyres are checked on a morning, before exposure to direct sunlight, to reduce the risk of under or over-inflated tyres that can cause problems such as blowouts, which can cause costly repairs.

3 CoolantOn a hot day, coolant runs around the engine at a higher temperature, causing some parts of the engine to overheat. The key is to ensure there’s plenty of air around the engine, so keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge.

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4 ShadeThere’s nothing worse than getting in your car and being unable to touch your steering wheel or gear stick due to them being too hot. You can combat this by parking in shaded areas as much as possible, or keeping these areas covered with material or a metallic sheet to reflect the sunlight and heat out of the car.

5 FliesEnsuring your car is filled with washer fluid is always important, even more so in the summer when there are plenty of flies and insects about. If you don’t have any washer fluid, your windscreen could become dirty, which can impact on your vision.

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