Is Alexa down? Users report Amazon voice assistant not working

Users have reported issues with their Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot devices (Photo: GRANT HINDSLEY/AFP via Getty Images)

Amazon Alexa and Echo users have reported that the voice assistant device is not working properly today.

Customers have been told that something had gone wrong, with the piece of tech showing an error light.

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Users are reporting replies like “I’m having difficulty understanding right now” and “something has gone wrong” in response to requests, as well as Alex being very slow to process a command.

Devices are also showing as “offline” when they shouldn’t be - or are displaying a red error light right instead of the usual blue.

According to Down Detector, more than 8,000 have reported an Alexa outage, with the first reports coming in at around 6:50am.

Around 60% of the reported problems are to do with the server connection, 22% in regards to the website and 18% to do with the app.

Due to the fact that the reports are coming from all over the UK, this suggests that the outage is a widespread issue. Other publications have also reported issues from users in Germany, Spain and Italy.

The Amazon Help Twitter account has begun to reply to customers reporting issues, advising them to “unplug your Alexa from the socket, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in”.

The account is also directing users to the Amazon help page which has step by step instructions for how to attempt to resolve connection issues.