Primark has launched a new range of outfits just for your dog

Dressing dogs up in embarrassing outfits brings either delight or disgust to many, but for those who enjoy putting their pooch into the latest get up, Primark has launched a quirky new range.

Dog owners can now purchase a unicorn, shark or flamingo costume for their dog at the bargain retail chain.

(Photo: Primark)

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    There are also zebra outfits, botanical prints and bright yellow waterproofs, as well as cable-knit jumpers and distressed denim looks for your furry friend.

    Adorable clothing

    The adorable clothing is available in two sizes of 26cm and 36cm. Depending on the breed and waistline of your pet, that’s about a small or a medium in dog sizes ,so sadly extra big dogs won’t fit most of the items.

    (Photo: Primark)

    The clothes are on sale for between £5 and £7 at all Primark stores, so you can treat your beloved pet to a whole new wardrobe, if you like. Dachshund and spaniel images have been used to decorate the cardboard hangers and give owners an idea of what the range looks like on their pup.

    (Photo: Primark)

    Aside from clothing, a number of other pet-related items have been introduced in store, including furry shark hand puppet pull toys for £4.