Some bottles of Buckfast being sold in shops are 'unfit for purpose' - here's how to spot them

Customers are being urged to look out for certain bottles of Buckfast being sold in shops  as they are "no longer fit for purpose".

Buckfast, the popular tonic wine that has many fans in Scotland and Ireland, has announced that bottles marked with the code 17-270 are no longer fit for purpose.

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The official statement from Buckfast sales manager Stewart Wilson was posted on social media, and reads: “It has been brought to our attention that Buckfast no longer fit for purpose is being sold by retailers. If the bottle being offered to you has the code 17-270 please do not purchase it .”

These codes can be found on the side of the lid.

'It will not be at its best'

Commenting on the announcement, Wilson said, “Our wine does not carry a best before or use by date, however it's best served fresh.

“Our understanding was Buckfast with the code above was being sold from retail outlets. We can confirm that the stock being offered to consumers was bottled by us some years ago. Like any other wine if the product is not stored correctly it will not be at its best.
“We would urge all consumers who have purchased a bottle with this coding to return it to the store they purchased it from for a full refund. This is not a product recall by our company, its simply guidance by us, to ensure consumers are being sold the correct fresh product .”

Buckfast in lockdown

Buckfast fans have had a stressful lockdown as the company announced production was to stop with immediate effect in March due to the global pandemic.

Since then, the team at Buckfast has said shops will have their stocks replenished during the lockdown.

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