Royalists and rebels will battle on the streets of Lewes

Battle Royal 755 is a colourful free entry action-packed weekend remembering the momentous Battle of Lewes fought between the royalist forces of King Henry III and the army of rebel barons commanded by the Earl, Simon de Montfort.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 11:56 am
Flashback to the 2014 battle re-enactment ... Simon de Montfort had a white lion as his emblem. Photograph by Bob Mayston.

More than 100 re-enactors from Britain and abroad dressed in medieval armour and costumes will recreate scenes from the battle of 1264 at various points in the town over the two days, May 11 and 12.

There will also be a Living History encampment within the grounds of the Convent Field behind the home of Lewes FC at The Dripping Pan. The Rook Inn inside the ground will be open both days for refreshments and complimentary snacks. Live music features in the bar on Saturday evening.

De Montfort’s outnumbered soldiery won the day and ushered in a brief era when England enjoyed the stirrings of Parliamentary democracy.

Unfortunately for De Montfort, his magnanimous treatment in sparing the King and his impetuous son, Prince Edward, was not returned the following year when the resurgent royalists roundly defeated the rebels and hacked their leader, De Montfort, to death at the Battle of Evesham.


11.00 - 14.00: Royalists muster at Lewes Castle. Combat re-enactments. De Montfort’s rebels scout Cliffe High Street.

14.00 -15.00: De Montfort and King Henry III meet in town. Armies rendezvous at Cliffe Bridge and march from the town to the Convent Field via Friars Walk and Mountfield Road.

11.00 -17.00: Medieval Encampment and Living History at the Convent Field.

16.00 - 17.00: Battle Royal! Rebels and royalists clash on the Convent Field.

Noon - 21.00: Rook Inn open. Rations, beer and live music in the evening.

SUNDAY, May 12

11.30 - 12.00: The Gallops. Prince Edward routs the Londoners.

12.00: The two armies advance into Lewes via Wwestern Road.

12.15: Capture of Richard of Cornwall and Robert de Bruce outside present day Black Horse.

12.30: Storming of the town’s West Gate. Simon de Montfort confronts King Henry.

12.45: Street fighting leads to rebel attack on the Barbican and Lewes Castle. John de Warenne retreats.

14.15: Priory Park. The King surrenders to Simon de Montfort.

16.00 -16.30: Battle Royal reprise on the Convent Field.

NB: Rook Inn open all afternoon.

All times approximate. See: for updates.