A match to forget: Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

LAST week I had a superleague match that I’d rather forget… I had my worst ever average thanks to having a bit of an issue with double one in one of the legs.

I still won my match 3-0, and the team won 9-0 overall against the Newhaven Engineer, but we all played pretty awfully! I suppose I should be happy with the win, as I’m still undefeated in eight matches.

The next day myself, wife Kris, and our mate Billy Whizz headed off to Great Yarmouth for the Vauxhall Holiday Park Darts Weekend. Our friends Dave and Andy arrived later on Thursday, and our party was complete. I haven’t been to one of these events for a couple of years, and in some ways was looking forward to it, but part of me would have rather been playing PDC in Wigan.

There was no point in me entering that though, as I soon have my knee operation, so we decided to opt for Yarmouth… you’ll notice I’ve dropped the ‘Great’ from its name now! The last time we ventured to the place we went into town, and everything was either closed down or being demolished!

This time we just stayed on site… nice caravans with all mod cons, so really comfortable, and only a short walk from the venue. To say the darts didn’t exactly go to plan is an understatement. In the random pairs I was drawn with a lady called Jackie. We won through the first round against two ladies, but up against two men, they were just too strong for us.

The singles next day, I came up against a very in-form Jamie Robinson, who managed to hit 4x180s in four legs, I played pairs with a PDC youth player called Brandon Monk.

He is a quality player, but sadly he seemed to get a bit nervous in our second match and we lost. He did manage to beat a couple of pretty good players in the first round… one of whom was wearing a giant baby grow with a lacy thong over the top! Perhaps that is what got to Brandon!

I played pretty well in the second singles tournament, and at 2-2 in the third round against Andy Gilton, my luck ran out. I lost the match, but Andy apologised at the end, saying that I’d had six or seven bounce outs… had it not been for those, he was sure I would have won. I can’t say that I would have, but that is a fair handicap. We had a good chat about darts afterwards, and if nothing else came from the weekend having met some really friendly people.

No superleague this week, our game was cancelled, so it was off to Rileys for a practice – a good four hours, and I played well. I had to wait around to collect my wife Kristina and our mate Coxy from the Brighton Centre from seeing Duran Duran. I am in no doubt that it was a good gig, as Coxy didn’t shut up about it all the way home, and declared his undying love for Simon le Bon on more than one occasion!