An incredible win, but no atmosphere

Graeme Swann claims another wicket in that Incredible win. Picture by Gareth Copley/PA Wire
Graeme Swann claims another wicket in that Incredible win. Picture by Gareth Copley/PA Wire

DO YOU remember the Ashes match at Cardiff in July 2009?

The one where Three Bridges’ new star signing Monty Panesar, along with Jimmy Anderson, somehow managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat - a result which helped set up an English series victory?

Well, can you remember the atmosphere at the Swalec Stadium on that wonderful day?

I can, it was four days after my son was born and it was the day my wife and Noah returned home from their stay at the hospital.

But rather than being drowned in nappies and cleaning up the little dribbler - I was glued to TV, soaked up in the incredible atmosphere of a packed out stadium cheering every ball the two tail enders survived.

Well Monday was a similar day for me. We had just returned from a little break and we had not seen our little boy for a couple of days, but rather than playing with him and telling him how much I had missed him, I was again glued to the TV.

This time because, after four drab, rain soaked days, England were on the verge of grabbing a victory from the jaws of a dour draw.

But the big difference this time was the atmosphere.

It shows how many people are in the stadium when you can here the bowler and fielders cheering when they get a wicket - in July 2009 there was no chance of heariing what any of the players were saying.

Only 922 people saw this incredible victory at the Swalec on Monday - and I could not be more jealous of what those people saw unfold in front of them. And it was free!

England are known for packing out stadiums around the world, but this was disappointing. Let’s just hope Lord’s is packed to the rafters this week (I will be there on Sunday) to see another famous victory against a rather poor Sri Lankan side.