Chichester clubs reap benefit from city's big boxing show

PROCEEDS from Chichester's first boxing dinner show in more than a decade '“ totalling more than £6,000 '“ have been presented to the two clubs.

St Gerards Amateur Boxing Club, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Chichester Priory, held the event at Westgate Leisure Centre to raise funds to keep St Gerards and Chichester Boys’ Club afloat and help them combat anti-social behaviour in local communities.

Presenting the cheque was the Mayor of Chichester, Tony French, who paid tribute to all the good work undertaken by the club.

Cllr French is a former amateur boxer and said he truly understood the difference the sport made to young men and women who take it up.

Present on the night were St Gerards youngest and latest recruit, Archie Hale, and his brother Tommy Hale, who will be joining the club soon.

Coach Jon Mills said: “Archie and Tommy are the future of clubs like ours.” Head Coach Gerry Lavelle said: “Wee Archie is very special and has a natural aptitude for the sport and we’re exceptionally pleased that his mum Abbie Hale and grand mother Tina Hale decided to bring them to us.”

Also present were Bob Syme, president of the Rotary Club of Chichester Priory, Ivan Ansell, chairman of the Rotary Club’s youth committee, and Rotarian James Gardener.

The Rotary party moved on to Chichester Boys’ Club with their cheque, which was also gratefully accepted. Present at the Boys’ Club were Dick Hammond, the president of the Chichester Rotary Club, Richard Hancock, chairman of the boys’ club, and Angela Blackwell, a member of the Boys’ Club’s management team.

She said: “This will make a vast difference to the services we provide to the youth of our local communities and is very much appreciated as we have recently lost much-needed funding due to government cuts.

“Like St Gerards, without this injection of cash we simply wouldn’t survive, so I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Rotary Club of Chichester Priory.”

St Gerards and the Rotary Club are planning another show on January 26 next year at Westgate Leisure.