Dedicated duo fly flag for Horsham Boxing Club

Two of Horsham Boxing Club’s most dedicated boxers travelled to different parts of the country to box this weekend.

On Friday, female club captain Libby Baker made a three and a half hour trip to Tamworth near Birmingham to take on Georgia ‘Rose’ Keast on her home show.

Libby forced the pace from the first bell, using her effective straight shots and landing on target with ease.

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Libby Baker

Keast looked surprised by the pressure but to her credit, looked to start to try to counter punch. The second round, Libby again started quickly. They both landed some cracking shots with Keast still looking to counter, but Libby was starting to slip a lot of these by now.

By the end of the bell, it was a close round.

The last round was again close and both girls began to slow after a blistering first two rounds.

Ferad Yetik with his opponent

At the final bell, Keast was awarded the victory. Baker said, “I’m obviously gutted as I thought I was forcing the pace of the bout and was the busier of the two of us, but it is an improvement from my last bout and I look forward to maybe having a rematch, hopefully now Sussex way or on our next home show.”

Ferad Yetik (aged 10) travelled to Billericay and Wickford to take on yet another home boy in Harry Turner.

Ferad was eager for this to be a fully competitive bout, having had one already. But unfortunately it was only to be a skills bout (no winner, more a learning bout). Ferad, once in the ring, didn’t let this faze him, however.

In true Horsham fashion, Ferad was straight on the front foot, landing great combinations and aiming to land his famous left hook.

Harry Turner had a nice boxing style but Ferad was relentless and every round was pretty much the same, seeing him box in a buzz saw effect. At the end of the bout, both lads hands were raised. Ferad said: “I’m pleased I got out to box but I wish it had been a bout. I’m only 10, but every bout I have I want there to be a winner or loser. That’s just my competitive streak.”

Assistant coach Harry Radenhurst said, “We are pleased with how Ferad listened to instructions in the corner. He’s a bright lad and has a great future.”

This weekend, Zack Rhioui boxes in the National School’s Championships in Banbury.