Former Brighton and Hove Albion skipper and ex-boxer are special guests at football presentation - pictures

The East Grinstead Meads FC u10 had their new season kit presentation from sponsor The Star Lingfield and club manager Lee Trett gave a speech on the new fixtures and league and head coach Andy Duffy gave advice on training,

The kit presentation
The kit presentation

Special Guests were Ross Minter, ex-orofessional boxer and manager/promoter/pundit and son of Alan Minter, former Middle weight world champion, and Nicky Forster, ex-professional footballer and Brighton and Hove Albion captain and manager/ PT/ pundit. Head coach Andy Duffy said: "I wanted the players to see local boys who have made a career from sports and what can be achieved. When I was there age I played for Lingfield as did Ian Pearce and Nicky Forster and look what happened to those players. The same with Ross. So the message for the evening was 'you never know where it may lead, and its all about a healthy lifestyle and most of all having fun',"

Ross Minter and Nicky Forster with East Grinstead Meads u10s
Nicky Forster gives his talk
The presentation at The Star pub in Lingfield
Nicky Forster and Ross Minter
The presentation of the new kit
East Grinstead Meads u10s
The management team with the special guests and the players
The new kit laid out
Ross Minter has a bite to eat
East Grinstead Meads u10s presentation
The presentation at The Star pub in Lingfield
The presentation at The Star pub in Lingfield