Girl power alive and well at St Gerards

Abigail Wawman of St Gerards BCAbigail Wawman of St Gerards BC
Abigail Wawman of St Gerards BC
St Gerards Boxing Club coaches headed to Tottenham with two of their female boxers for the all-female show hosted by London Boxing of England Boxing in a community centre next to Spurs' new football ground.

The Chichester outfit fielded two boxers – junior Holly Heffron and youth boxer Abigail Wawman – as part of a 17-bout card.

Heffron, weighing 48kg, faced Shelby Lee, a 47kg fighter from Minster Golden Gloves Club in Kent.

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Coach Jon Mills said Heffrom started the first round as instructed, using long jabs and rear hand shot,s keeping Lee at bay, as she was smaller with less reach.

Heffron clearly won the first round and the second was much the same, with Heffron using the same tactics.

Millsa said: “We saw her winning this round as well. We told her to keep the plan the same for the third as Shelby would come looking for her and she did just that.

“Holly was still scoring with shots to the head area but the round was closer, although, as we saw it, like many others, she clearly won the contest.

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“The MC looked a bit perplexed when he read out the result of the judges – Holly had lost by a split decision in favour of Shelby.”

Heffron now continues with her England training on the talent pathway scheme and will learn and grow from the experience of competition.

Up next was St Gerards Youth boxer Abigail Wawman, aged 18 and weighing 54kg ,facing Ceri-Anne Odell, also 18 a 1kg heavier, of Odells Boxing Academy in Birmingham.

Mills said: “We told Abi to box at range and push in with double jabs then rear hands with different phases of attacks as Ceri-Anne was taller and a counter puncher. She did just that, clearly winning the first round boxing with her greater range of movement and technical skills.

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“The second was much the same with Abi catching Ceri-Anne at ease with spearing jabs and hurtful rear hands. Ceri Anne was still pushing the pace though.

“The third was a humdinger especially for Abi as Ceri-Anne tried to up the antie to no avail. Abi was too much for her, bring in little clusters of combinations to bewilder Ceri-Anne.

“Abi coasted to a very well-deserved unanimous points win – her third win in a row in only three contests.

“Hopefully Abi will also be joining the England team sessions on the talent pathway scheme this month.”

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On the same day Wawman’s older sister Katie Wawman, who also boxes for St.Gerards, was representing England at the British open championships of the International TaeKwondo Federation.

The event was at the K2 in Crawley and Wawman was competing in the under-62kg category at elite level.

She performed as well as expected considering her elite standard of skill sets. She had two tough contests and to prove both she and and Abi are special talents in the world of competitive contact sports, she came away with a much-deserved gold medal as the 2017 British champion.

Mills said: “We’re very proud of both girls at our club as well as all the other boxers, who know they also compete in taekwondo.

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“We’re extremely pleased at Abi’s and Katie’s results on the same day. It’s why they’re called the Wawman Wonders.”


This year’s Rotary charity boxing night was again a terrific success.

There were 12 good bouts between Sussex and Hampshire, with the event complemented by ring girls, a magician and superb food.

Organiser David Dear said: “All in all it was another great evening. If you didn’t have a ticket this year then reserve your ticket or tickets for next year’s event.”

Details from David on 07979 363843 or [email protected]