Saunders stopped by man mountain

THE head coach of Zoo Fight Club stepped into the octagon at London’s Cornet Theatre.

Forty-five-year-old Paul Saunders took on 37-year-old man mountain Tomasz Czerwinski from Poland in the Fury MMA event.

Neither fighter was in the mood for the feeling-out process, engaging in a frantic brawl right from the off.

Czerwinski backed Saunders up against the fence, but Saunders was able to reverse the position.

From the clinch, Czerwinski fired off a series of knees to his opponent’s abdomen and escaped off the cage before uncorking a thunderous straight-right that caused Saunders to stagger back.

A few more shots from the Polish giant were all that was needed to separate the Brit, who was giving away 20 kilos in weight, from his senses and leave him crumpled on the mat.

Zoo Fight Club manager Yasmin Edwards said: “We as a club are all very proud of Paul. There aren’t many coaches out there who will step in the octagon to compete at professional MMA level at any age let alone at 45-years-old.

“Paul’s quite rightly of the opinion that as a fight coach he should lead by example and not expect his fighters to do anything that he wouldn’t do. He has proved to all of us that he is a worthy coach and fighter.”

Zoo Fight Club will be hosting its next event, Night Of Champions, on Saturday July 21 at Freedom Leisure Summerfields. Money raised from the bar and food at Night Of Champions will go to a charity of The Hastings Round Table’s choice. For more information on fitness, sanshou kickboxing or MMA, call 07903 263294.