Slam trip is grand for Sussex kickboxers

Kickboxfit members travelled to the K2 in Crawley for the GB grand slam.

It was an exciting weekend for the club, who walked away with some silver and bronze medals.

It was a huge event with clubs traveling from as far as Scotland to compete.

The Kickboxfit coaches said their students were amazing and we enjoyed every second.

KBF kickboxers who went to the grand slam

Mark Howell, Peter Murphy and Sabrina Murphy felt the students who represented KBF did them proud.

Students who took were Max Murphy, Minnie Welsh, Angelo Putan, Daighton Paine, Nicole Putan, Isabelle Davy Thomas, Roisin Doonan, Dexter Trott, Spencer Lunn, Rudy Welsh, Tom Wheeler, James Donegan and Olivia Evans.

KBF Kickboxfit Martial Arts Academy formed in January 2020 and survived lockdown.

KBF kickboxers who went to the grand slam

In fact they have come out stronger than ever, with over 150 students on roll at two locations with a third opening in September.

They train inside Fishersgate boxing gym in Portslade and Burton Hall in Southwick.

They are a family-run club and believe in helping the whole family be able to train.

They offer family rates and a variety of classes to suit all ages, from four years of age upwards.

KBF kickboxers who went to the grand slam

If you are thinking of something new for the whole family to join, please email [email protected], or visit their website – – to apply for a free trial session.