Cricket club so grateful to St Bede’s after school helps out following arson attack

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HAILSHAM Cricket Club is bouncing back after St Bede’s School kindly helped them out when their cricket nets were destroyed by mindless yobs.

The netting was ripped with a knife before the astroturf at the club’s practice facility was senselessly set on fire.

It was particlarly sickening as the nets had only just been put up following a club refurbishment drive in early April – after the very same facilities had been attacked by idiots last summer.

But soon after the attack, nearby St Bede’s – a school steeped in sporting excellence – stepped in to help.

Hailsham fixture secretary Rob Wilkinson said: “They very kindly got in contact and said they would be able to help with some materials in order to allow the club to replace the burnt matting and netting.

“This has been a huge help to Hailsham CC and has enabled the club’s juniors and seniors to continue to use the netting facilities through the season. We would like to thank St Bedes for their very generous help to our cricket club. They saw our club was in trouble and reached out and helped us when we needed it most. As a club we can’t thank them enough.”

Rob described the scene after the vandals struck: “The netting was ripped with a knife and the astro was set on fire using pallets and wood. This left them unusable. They were definitely targeted as an arson attack, the police said they could see (on a security camera) people moving wood, pallets and other flammable options towards the nets in the early hours of the morning. It was an absolute mess: black, burnt astro and a horrible fire smell. But St Bede’s donated a roll of astroturf to help us with the refurb. We also brought some new netting to patch in with the burnt and ripped areas.”

Rob said police were installing a camera that would more easily identify intruders “in the next few weeks”