'Has a Donald Trump-style appeal been lodged?' - Shock as Sussex Cricket League passes vote on no more cricket teas

There will be no more cricket teas in the Sussex Cricket League after they passed a vote at the AGM on Monday night - and it has caused a huge reaction on social media..

Players, scorers and umpires were asked to bring their own teas during this year's August Cup because of Covid regulations.

But now the league has voted for no more cricket teas - full stop.

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The SCL tweeted: "SCL AGM Vote on removing the provision of Teas Vote carried Against/Abstain - 89. For - 114. There will still be a break of 30 minutes and clubs will be expected to provide a choice of hot and cold drinks for players and officials."

It is understood the three main reasons are: cost, clubs not being able to find people to do them and local councils now asking clubs to ensure their catering facilities are up to the required Food Hygiene standard, which some are not.

It was likely that 2021 would have seen the same regulations as the 2020 season so this only becomes into force in the 2022 season.

It also appears there was confusion with clubs who did not turn up to the AGM were deemed to NOT vote against the proposal.

Cricket teas could be a thing of the past in the Sussex Cricket League

But players and clubs have had a mixed reaction on social media.

Replying to the SCL's tweet, Rich Mamoany said: "This is [deleted] I have ever heard. Absolute SHAMBLES and shame on those who voted it out. #Shambles #bringbackteas."

Ditchling Cricket Club tweeted: "The clubs who were not on the call were deemed to have voted for the removal of teas? That was not fair and the voting figures do not reflect who actually wanted to remove teas. This needs rethinking."

Haywards Heath skipper Callum Smith tweeted: "If the vote was for one season then yes but that’s not what’s been voted on! This is to remove teas period [deleted]... someone still has to prep hot drinks which takes time and now 11 people have to prep lunch?"

But David Thomas replied: "Who's going to stop playing because you need to bring your own sarnies though? As a player it was lovely to have a nice tea, as a captain it was a right pain in the ***. Ever decreasing number of helpers at clubs already," to which Peter Dunk responded: "The best answer so far mr Thomas! I love cricket teas, but try and organise them as a captain!"

Stirlands CC tweeted: "Has a Donald Trump style appeal been lodged yet?"

Chris Herriott said: "This was very disappointing to witness. Roll on next agm to get this reinstated."

Chris Clements supported the move. He tweeted: "Well done Sussex, a brave and appropriate move. I hope Oxfordshire leagues will follow suit in taking cost and non playing overheads out of the game."

The Horsted Keynes Horseman T20 team tweeted: "HKCC are disappointed that cricket teas are being dropped from the @SussexCricketLg. We will still be providing teas for our players at home games, and are happy to also provide for any opposition who are happy to reciprocate. In fact, we are working on a new pavlova recipe."

Peter Henry said: "I always enjoyed the teas at the various clubs I visited as a player/scorer/ away team umpire. Some great some not so. Hopefully this will be reconsidered after covid19 goes away and things get back to normal."

Forest Row CC saw the positives: They tweeted: "Think it will encourage new players. For too long cricket has the stigma of cucumber sandwiches and little bit of cricket. Times have changed not everyone wants teas and lots of clubs don't have a tea lady or enough volunteers. Sunday cricket can keep the tradition going!!!"

And finally, @crickettealady simply tweeted: "I’m not angry, just disappointed..."

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