Darts stars show you DO get anything for a pair in this game

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League divisional pairs knockouts took place at Newtown Social Club.

The division-one winners
The division-one winners

A total of 41 teams took part, not bad considering the lack of pairs in division three, which was represented by only six pairs.

The first division-three semi-final saw Julie English and Sheridan Green (Friary C) go out to father and son Keith and Daniel Robinson (Chi Snooker Club).

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The second saw Dave Coupland and Gary Harwood (Royal Oak) beat 2017 summer league pairs champions Simon Edwards and Michael Hoare (Lamb Chops).

The division-three final saw the Robinsons win the bullseye and take the first leg. Keith Robinson wrapped up the second leg. The third saw the Robinsons get the lead and keep it to claim the division-three pairs title.

The division-two contest had 18 teams taking part, a joint record.

The first semi-final saw Andy Chant and Dave Bourne (Aldwick Legion) beat Buster Barton and Derrick Longhurst (Claremont).

In she second Aldingbourne Mavericks Rachel Hall and Emma Hackett lost to Colin Ragless and Karl Wingate (Friary D).

In the division-two final’s first leg, misses from Chant and Bourne gave Wingate a shot at the double which he took for the first leg.

Leg two had both teams struggling but eventually Chant clinched it.

In leg three Wingate and Ragless were closing in but they couldn’t capitalise and Bourne took the leg.

It's a Ragless to riches storyTrebles are tops at BognorLeg four started with a 140 from Chant and a ton from Bourne and they went on to secure a 3-1 win and the division-two pairs champions.

The division-one competition saw 17 teams take part.

The first semi-final was won by Gary Blackwood and Gary Bryant (Legends) against Wayne Wadsworth and Lee Franklin (Friary ‘Z’).

The second brought a win for Lee Hellyer and Ricky Clark (Newtown Amity) against Richard Ragless and Dave Owens (Friary ‘Z’).

In the division-one final Hellyer won the bullseye, but Blackwood and Bryant started with 100 and 140 and Blackwood clinched the first leg.

Leg two had Hellyer and Clark getting the lead and keeping it until Blackwood stole it with double 16.

In the third, Hellyer again hit a ton to start the leg but later missed double top for a 102 out-shot, allowing Blackwood a shot at double 10, which he hit – taking the division-one title for him and Bryant.