A wonderful eulogy for a wonderful young man

This touching eulogy was read out by Connor’s uncle JAMIE DENYER at Monday’s candelit vigil

AS Connor’s Uncle, I am reading this out because Connor’s Mum and Dad are just too devastated to speak.

Tonight we are stood here to erase the negativity, sorrow, and sadness of what happened here where we stand.

We are filling it with love, positivity and celebration for the life of my nephew Connor Saunders, who was a human being in its purest form, and a very special and unique individual.

The amount of love and support that has been shown to Connor has been truly overwhelming, but is telling us as a family things we already knew.

But because of the person he was, he was still capable of springing us a surprise, none more so than during Sunday afternoon, when he was sleeping, we were given the news that on his 16th birthday he signed the “gift of life” organ donor papers, that we have found out will be going towards helping little children.

And this will give us the tiniest crumb of comfort knowing that not only will he live on in our hearts, but in the actual bodies of youth!

He has taught us that even when he is sleeping, he can still give to others.

It doesn’t stop with our family, the amount of friends he had, and the kind, caring nature that each one of them possesses, is further testament to the type of person he was.

Life without him will never be the same again, it has left a hole that will never be filled, but we have to sometimes just admit that angels are needed back in heaven, after gracing earth with their presence, and Connor is certainly in that bracket.

You leave behind your Mum, who says: “From the day you were born, you were a gift from god, you picked me up when I was down, made me happy when I was sad, and we had a truly special bond that will never be broken.

“You will forever be in my heart, and I was so proud to call you my son. Sleep well “Flocka” until we meet again.”

Your Dad says: “You were my baby boy, my son, my friend, my workmate, my footballer, my gentle giant and my hero, who never had a bad bone your body.

“Time will never heal the pain that we are going through, and without you our lives have been completely shattered.

“I love you from the bottom of my heart, and with every fibre in my body.

“The only thing you never had here on earth was wings, you have them now. God bless you my sweet boy.”

Nanna said: “I’m missing you so much, the amount of pain I have is because you were my soul mate, my heart is in a million pieces. Sleep well baby boy.”

Your sister, nephew and brother-in-law said: “Your baby brother and Uncle to our son Stanley, we can’t begin to explain the pain we have because you have been taken from us.

“We were in awe of you Connor, you made the world a better place, and life won’t be the same without you.

“We were so proud of you and it breaks our hearts that Stanley won’t get to grow up with you.

“But we will always talk about you every single day to him, and show him your gorgeous handsome photos. Sweet dreams angel, until we meet again!”

His brother says: “Words cannot describe the pain I’m going through.

“In you I have lost my brother and my best friend. I will never be the same without you, you’ll always be my hero baby boy. Stay by my side bruv, I love you so much. Blessings.”

His girlfriend said: “Connor, my favourite person in the whole world, my life will never be the same.

“I miss you so much already, you meant everything to me, please don’t ever leave me, and visit me in my dreams. Love you always, your Courtney.”

His friend Frankie says: “I’m devastated, I’ve lost my best friend, and life will never be the same again.”

As you can see, he touched so many because of the person he was, and if he was here now, he would say: ‘Please let this be an example to others, please don’t let other families go through the same thing my family has.’

So please people, keep Connor’s legacy and memory alive, by going out and having fun, keep calm, and do not throw punches, as we do not want a repeat of this horrendous situation.

Thank you for attending this candle light celebration, our thanks go out to every single person who is keeping our spirits up with messages of support.

God bless you baby boy, my heart now has a hole that will never be filled. You are my hero, my idol, my inspiration, and the other half of my heart! You now have wings, fly high and don’t look back!

Love and blessings