Moises Caicedo to Arsenal: Why Tony Bloom and Brighton should take the money

Ian Hart on Brighton and Hove Albion, Arsenal and the Moises Caicedo stand-off
Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has publicly stated that he wants to leave for Arsenal or ChelseaBrighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has publicly stated that he wants to leave for Arsenal or Chelsea
Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has publicly stated that he wants to leave for Arsenal or Chelsea

“So we return to Harry Redknapp’s ‘Life Lesson’, If you want loyalty buy a dog”. Although actually, without splitting (dog) hairs, it was Micky Duff – although Harry did advocate the importance of some kind of banking arrangements for our respective canines.

But how much loyalty does Moises Caicedo actually owe Brighton and Hove Albion? For the uninitiated, the Ecuadorian Midfielder is 21-years-old, and at the time of writing has played 26 games for the Seagulls and scored twice.

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He is without doubt one of the most talented players to ever pull on a blue and white shirt, but is basically just an employee – as has been every other player in the club’s 122 year history. Other than a legally binding contract, does he have any other affinity to the city of Brighton? I doubt he’s even heard of Max Miller, Jimmy Melia or even Nicholas Van Hoogstraten?

Not for the first time, and almost certainly not for the last, the Albion ‘family’ find themselves embroiled in a stand-off with the transfer window about to close.

The facts are fairly clear cut. Caicedo, publicly stated via social media on Friday night he wanted out. In true Sir Alan Sugar style, he thanked the Albion for the opportunity, but he’s clearly been told the grass is greener elsewhere.

Lets not dress it up, Moises didn’t write that Instagram post on his own. Someone at the back of all this, his agent, is going to have potentially a very good week financially.

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Albion then counter the social media post by effectively putting Moises on ‘gardening leave’ till the transfer window shuts on Tuesday. So, who’s going to blink first?

As an employer, I know how important it is to have all your work force on side, and how counterproductive having a member of staff in the camp who doesn’t want to be there can be.

Ideally and somewhat optimistically, I’m hoping that a ‘deal’ can be brokered which sees the player stay for the rest of the season – including the potential cup run – and his performances will help secure European qualification.

Realistically however I think the priority for the next 36 hours or so is for the Albion to get the best price they can, whilst recruiting a legitimate short term quality replacement, and by that I mean signing someone established rather than taking another punt.

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Just where you magic up someone to replace Caicedo in that period of time remains to be seen. Ever the eternal optimist, I hope the deal can be brokered but I fear we’ve probably seen the last of him at the Amex in an Albion shirt.