Why Brighton may just be better without '£30m' Yves Bissouma as Tottenham finalise deal

So, this week’s harsh life lesson for the Albion faithful, is that unlike the rising fuel prices, transfer values at the optimum time appear to go down.

Brighton midfielder Yves Bissouma is on the cusp of a £30m move to Premier League rivals Tottenham
Brighton midfielder Yves Bissouma is on the cusp of a £30m move to Premier League rivals Tottenham

From a reported £40 million bid from Aston Villa in the January window, the Albion are believed to have accepted something in the region of £30million from Tottenham Hotspur for their highly-rated African Midfielder Yves Bissouma.

A £10 million reduction in just under 6 months?

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Not exactly in keeping with the raging inflation the whole nation seems to be obsessed with at the moment.

Have Spurs had the Albion over?

Sadly not, since Jean Marc Bosman won his landmark freedom of contract case at the European Court of Justice in 1995, this kind of thing has been par for the course, unfortunately it’s the Albion that lose out on this occasion, but surely better £30million now, than 30 or so games next season from Bissouma only for him to walk out of the club for free next summer?

Cliché alert, it is very much swings and roundabouts, and there’s no doubt in the last 27 years the Albion have been on the end of a positive Bosman based deal in the transfer market.

And without wishing to sound like a jilted teenager, in the grand scheme of things will we actually miss Bissouma?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a revelation in his four years at the club, and the Albion have got excellent value from his 112 appearances, but there’s no getting away from it there’s been a fair bit of controversy off the field as well, as well as huge question marks over his on field temperament.

But with a genuine challenge for another Top Ten finish next season and possibly a challenge for A European Place, will Graham Potter’s dressing room be a better place without him?

Albion already have not one but two ready-made replacements in Moses Caicedo and Enoch Mwepu?

Like the rest of the Albion support, I wish him well, he was quality, not quite in the Mark Lawrenson category, but certainly‘decent’.

But players, like managers and even directors, come and go, the fans are the only constant so whilst it is sad to see him leave, we’ve got acceptable money for him, and maybe we will be a better without him?