Brighton & Hove Albion's best alternative moments of 2018 - Scott McCarthy

As another year rolls to a close, people will be putting together their lists of the best moments of 2018. No doubt you've seen them everywhere '“ threads on Twitter, posts on Instagram, the Albion's official website.

Shane Duffy in action against Crystal Palace before his red card. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Shane Duffy in action against Crystal Palace before his red card. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

It will be all about beating Manchester United at home to secure Premier League survival, Florin Andone’s goal against Crystal Palace and Lewis Dunk becoming the first Brighton player for 36 years to represent England.

They’re all undeniably great moments, but half the fun of supporting the Seagulls isn’t for success. It’s for all the ridiculous stuff that comes far more frequently than the highlights.

It’s for the times when Shane Duffy tweets “Head’s gone” 24 hours before losing his own and headbutting a Palace player. Or for when the club arrange a “glamour friendly” against a Sporting Lisbon opposition who have no players.

Jurgen Locadia. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

So forget about the 2-1 win over Arsenal or Jose Izquierdo’s stunner against West Ham United – here are the best alternative moments of 2018.

Shane Duffy getting sent off after tweeting “Head’s Gone”

There’s been a gap in the market for a famous psychic ever since the National Lottery binned off Mystic Meg.

Perhaps it could be filled by Shane Duffy? He showed great foresight of what was to come when he sent a tweet the night before Palace visited the Amex which read “head’s gone”.

Fast forward 24 hours and his head was quite literally gone when he headbutted Patrick van Aanholt to pick up a red card. If you’re reading this Shane, if you could drop us an email with next week’s Euromillions numbers that would be great.

Organising a “glamour friendly” with Sporting Lisbon

The Albion love a “glamour friendly” at the Amex. Each year, they announce an opponent that is either really good – see Atletico Madrid – or one that they really should be sued for under the trade descriptions act for the use of the world glamour – see Southampton.

This year's was definitely in the latter category as Sporting Lisbon were confirmed as the opponents a few days after half their squad tore up their contracts having been attacked by their own fans for failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Needless to say, Sporting were unable to fulfil the fixture as a result and Ligue 1 side Nantes had to step in at the last minute.

Jurgen Locadia falling over his own leg away at Southampton

This was the moment when many of us had our worst fears confirmed – that Jurgen Locadia just isn’t very good.

You can say he hasn’t had a chance or Chris Hughton hasn’t played him in the right position, but there is no excuse for a bloke who cost £14m to fall over his own leg 12 yards out from goal with only Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy to beat.

When a ticket to watch Jimmy Carr at the o2 can cost up to £60, paying £20 for fantastic comedy like that at St Mary’s is an absolute bargain.

Sunderland fans' reaction to Brighton signing Jason Steele

You always have to take the reaction of another team’s fans with a pinch of salt when you sign one of their players.

They’re either annoyed that the man is leaving them and so play down his importance or they have a completely blinkered view of how good he is which tends to skew their opinions.

The reaction on social media to Brighton signing Jason Steele from Sunderland was fantastic no matter which category it fell in. A couple of the highlights included “When I heard the news I was in utter disbelief. I couldn’t believe we’d found a club for him, never mind one playing in the Premier League”.

“Brighton signing Jason Steele for actual money and not Wham bars and Space Raiders is absolutely comical. What the hell are they thinking?”.

And “I’ve just got back from a couple of hours in Newcastle to the news that Jason Steele is getting a Premier League move. Have we all gone mad while I was out or what???”.

The good news is with Maty Ryan off to the Asian Cup this week, Steele might actually have to play in January. What a way to kick off the 2019 highlights list!