Change in work commitments leads to change in Ciardini’s contract – popular player’s contract is cancelled but Rook re-signs as a non-contract player

Lewes FC have today cancelled the contract of popular left-sided player Nic Ciardini. But the Rooks have re-signed him on a ‘Non Contract status’.

Ciardini, a summer signing from Farnborough, has changed the status of his registration with the club due to a variation of his work commitments.

The player explained: “Work has to come first over football and I’ve been relocated during the working week to South West of the country, which stops me form attending training.

“I can’t expect the club to keep paying me what they were and I have agreed to cancel my contract but remain as a registered player. And (I) will be available for training as work allows and matches as and when the gaffer needs me.”

Rooks boss Simon Wormull added: “It is an unfortunate situation to be in; we rate Nic very highly at the club but understand that his work commitments take priority.

“He remains a registered player for Lewes and we hope that he will still be able to have a role in the run in to the end of the season.”