Chapman apologises for Hillians' "really poor team performance"

Burgess Hill Town manager Ian Chapman has apologised for his team's performance at Folkestone Invicta today (Monday).

Hillians lost 3-1 with a Billy Medlock goal the only consolation.

And Chapman released the following statement on the club's website after the game.

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“Firstly, I would like to apologise to our supporters who travelled today for a really poor team performance.

"From the first minute, we were second best and only after getting the equaliser we got on top for a little period and then conceded a really soft second goal. From our point of view, you won’t get results if seven or so players are out of sorts.

"A couple of positives today were Sam Fisk getting 90 mins and in Billy Medlock- it looks like we have a player who wants to score goals. I don’t excuse myself from today’s result. I pick the side so more than anyone I am accountable and looking back at the second half of last season when we poor, I was too slow to react and stood by players for too long. That won’t happen again if I feel this group of players can’t get better quickly I won’t hesitate in making changes.

"Happy New Year to all of our supporters and sponsors."

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