Covid-19 strikes again - now Broadbridge Heath have had to postpone a game

The new SCFL season is in its first week - but it is already suffering Covid chaos.

Football clubs and leagues have been issued with guidance about how to respond to positive Covid tests
Football clubs and leagues have been issued with guidance about how to respond to positive Covid tests

We reported on Monday night that Storrington had decided to call off their Tuesday night home game against AFC Varndeanians - saying that a player from Arundel FC, who Varndeanians played on Saturday, has tested positive for Covid-19. Storrington said Arundel's players and staff were self-isolating.

Now Broadbridge Heath have called off their midweek game against Horley after worries over the virus in their camp.

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A Bears statement issued on Tuesday evening said: "One of our players tested positive today for Covid-19, he was showing no symptoms but had a test before going on holiday. Although he hasn't been involved in any first team matches so far this season, he was with the players on Saturday evening.

"On arrival at the ground this evening we learnt of two other players showing symptoms of Covid-19 so for safety of players, management and supporters of both teams we made the decision to postpone the match .

"We apologise for making the decision so late in the day and we are aware that some supporters did travel to the game, we can only apologise.

Regarding the Arundel case, there has been no comment yet from Arundel, Varndeanians or the SCFL - though one is expected soon from Arundel.

Storrington CFC said in a statement on Monday: "The club was made aware during the course of Monday morning that an Arundel player has tested positive for Covid-19 and that the Arundel players and staff are now having to self-isolate.

"Arundel's opponents on Saturday were AFC Varndeanians who we are due to play tomorrow (Tues) evening in a league game at home. Our obvious concern is that of transmission of the virus to AFC Varndeanians players/staff during their visit to Arundel on Saturday and the potential, however small, of the transmission to any of our players or staff during their visit to our ground and facilities.

"We have sought clarification from the SCFL to ask if our game tomorrow evening against AFC Varndeanians should go ahead given the potential for onward transmission of this virus.

"Our management team and club officials have discussed this at length to clarify what the club’s position should be. Storrington CFC has decided that the health, safety and wellbeing of our players, staff and families are paramount so therefore have decided we will not play the fixture against AFC Varndeanians tomorrow evening.

"If this results in us losing the three points then so be it, we are not prepared to put any of our staff or players at risk however small given the deadly nature of this virus.

"There are more important things to consider other than football and we hope that both the SCFL and AFC Varndeanians understand and respect our position."