Crawley Town's new young signing 'has shown good ability and progress'

Crawley Town Football Club have confirmed the signature of midfielder Szymon Kowalcyk, who turned 17 this week.
Szymon KowalcykSzymon Kowalcyk
Szymon Kowalcyk

This is after Technical Director Erdem Konyar previously quoted: “This is the start of a new philosophy at Crawley Town as we aim to bring in more upcoming youngsters within the next 12 months.

"We are excited to see the development of younger players throughout the club in the near future.”

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Konyar said today, “Szymon has been training with us since October. Szymon has shown good ability and progress.

"We are excited to have youth in our squad. Without an academy we have successfully grown our youth philosophy. We are confident of the development of our younger players and eager to see them develop into players that will provide a duty for the badge.”

Kowalcyk joins many other squad members yet to reach the age of 21, including Brian Galach, Zaid Al-Hussaini, Rafiq Salah-Edine and Alfie Jones.