'Credit for what?' - Crawley Town chief bites back at Maidstone United manager after Max Watters comments

Crawley Town technical director Erdem Konyar has responded to claims they 'didn't have a clue' who Max Watters was.

The inevitable transfer of Watters to Cardiff was announced on Saturday after the striker's incredible form in from of goal since joining from the Kent club in October.

John Yems and Lee Bradbury spotted the talented 21-year-old in a friendly against the Reds and they moved quickly to sign him. And after 16 goals, it was a matter of time before a club from a higher league came in to secure the service of the former Doncaster forward.

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Max Watters

But in an interview with Kent Online, Maidstone boss Hakan Hayrettin said Crawley Town didn't have a clue who Cardiff City new boy Max Watters was and that his club deserved some credit for his move to the Championship.

In the interview he said: "I don’t think anyone expected him to be where he is now but I did say to my mate at Doncaster at the time, I think you’ve made a mistake letting him go.

“What’s really frustrating for me is that Crawley have been given all the credit for this.

“I get that because he’s been playing in their team but they didn’t know who he was, they didn’t have a clue, and then I hear on the telly that he left Doncaster due to finances and Covid and Crawley have given him a chance, but that’s not strictly true."

But Konyar was quick to respond on twitter. He said: "Credit for what? You had him for 5 league games and still looked to trial him in the summer. So in 5 league games and training you couldn’t spot what John and Lee spotted in 45 minutes.Think this highlights a genuine inability to spot potential. Same guy who released Jack Powell."

And Reds fans loved his response. Josh Falner replied: "Ahaha yes Erdem, love that!!! What you and everyone else that are involved are doing with the club is brilliant. Our recruitment has been fantastic lately and the club is certainly on the up. Keep this up and promotion is certainly a possibility!"

While Connor Harris said: "You love to see it," and Jay White said: "Quality reply Erdem quality."