Crows spared move to Kent League – for at least a year

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Acting Sussex County League Chairman Steve Nealgrove hailed a decision not to move Crowborough Athletic and Rye United to the Kent League as a victory for common sense.

A Football Association appeals board on Wednesday decided to grant the appeals of both Crowborough and Rye – as well the appeal lodged by the county league itself, against an earlier decision to move the clubs out of the Sussex League against their wishes – and without consultation – by the FA Step 5/6 Review Group. However, the decision to not to move both clubs has only been deferred for 12 months.

Nealgrove on Wednesday said: “Today the SCFL, Crowborough AFC and Rye Utd presented their appeals to a FA Appeals board as to the reasons why CAFC and RUFC should not be laterally moved to Kent.

“All parties put strong and robust cases to the appeals board which took five hours to hear.

“In the end the appeals board found in favour of all three parties and therefore the decision was deferred for 12 months.

“Needless to say all three parties are very happy with the outcome.

“(It’s) a common sense decision for football all round at Step 5.