Diary of a Darts Player with Andy Relf

LAST Friday the Kings Head boys and girls hosted the Cracker League champions elect, Mog’s Mob. This was always going to be a tough match, but we managed to make it a twitchy night for them as the game was won in a last match decider. Unfortunately for us, it was Mog’s rabble that came out on top.

Surprisingly it made Stefan Pope’s voice go up another octave when they won – something that I didn’t think possible! Apparently he’s re-releasing “The Snowman” single next Christmas, as his voice is now similar to Aled Jones when he was thirteen!

On Sunday I decided to go over to Rileys in Brighton for a knockout competition.

I haven’t been practising as much lately due to the dislocated bone in my foot, and thought I’d better see how it fared in competition with the first PDC UK Open weekend looming. I played well enough, and had a great game with Mark Davis which went with the darts in each leg, sadly though, he went first in the last leg, and had his shot at the double first, and took it out.

The next day the foot was as sore as can be, and I doubted whether it was worth me travelling to Barnsley this weekend.

Having visited my Osteopath on the previous Friday, she had warned that it would hurt more before it got better… she was correct.

I didn’t throw another dart until Wednesday at Superleague, and it seems to have paid off. Not so much pain, and sometimes a rest can do you good anyway.

Our team was 4-1 up against the Newhaven Engineer when I went on, and a solid display from me put in a three legs to nil win to seal the match for us with a 26.37 average.

If I’d not missed so many doubles, my average would have been even more respectable.

So now I head off up to Barnsley for my first PDC tournaments of the year, and I’m hopeful that I can get off to a good start.

Time will tell!