Fuel shortage: Social media exacerbated midweek postponements says Lewes boss Russell

Lewes manager Tony Russell says social media exacerbated the decision to postpone midweek fixtures in the Isthmian Premier.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 1:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th September 2021, 3:24 pm
Lewes manager Tony Russell says social media exacerbated the decision to postpone midweek fixtures in the Isthmian Premier. Picture by James Boyes

The Rooks were due to host Carshalton Athletic on Tuesday night, but the game was called off after the league contacted clubs on Sunday, giving them the option of postponing fixtures amid anticipated difficulties in getting players, officials and supporters to games.

Russell revealed that one of his players was affected by the shortage after Saturday’s 3-1 home loss to Hornchurch.

He said: "Tom Carlse, our left-back, broke down on the way home on Saturday. We’ve got a video and photo of him stuck on the side of the motorway.

"Someone had to go to a petrol station and get a billy can to put some fuel in there for him to get home.

"He didn’t get home until very late. It took him hours and hours and hours, so there’s an example for you right there.

"For the record, I’ve got an electric car so it doesn’t really affect me.

"But unfortunately social media is a platform for wallies. I saw everyone calling games off and some officials from other clubs were writing stupid, sarcastic tweets.

"We push a game back by one week or two, and we play it. Once the Government pull their finger out, it goes back to normal.

"Rather than fans or players struggling to get to the game, we haven’t got a backlog of games. In fact, Lewes have played a game more than anyone.

"We’ll push it back a couple of weeks and play the game when circumstances are better for everyone.

"So to the wallies that decide to tweet, my advice would be try to maybe find something else in life that’s exciting.

"Then, when you do, the little things like that won’t affect you as much and you won’t feel the need to tweet because obviously your life is not great.

"Take up a hobby. Try stamp collecting or something.

Russell continued: "The league have shortened the league this season. We’re playing 42 [games] now so we’ve got lots more midweek space available.

"We saw Carshalton tweet something sarcastic. Do you honestly think we’re scared to play Carshalton?

"I know their manager really well and he’s a good friend of mine. He’s a great guy and wouldn’t have said anything like that.

"We’re training tonight (Wednesday) and seven have texted me to say we can’t train tonight because they can’t get there. I’ve said those that can get to training, get to training.

"This week is a write off. Luckily enough we don’t have a game on Saturday so it doesn’t affect our preparation.

"This will be chip paper next week. For all the wet wipes that want to tweet, go and get a life.

"There were a lot of managers, secretaries and fans digging people out and I don’t understand why everyone’s turned on each other."