'I loved every minute of it' - former I'm A Celebrity star Mark Wright on playing for Crawley Town

Mark Wright said he 'loved every minute' of playing for Crawley Town against Reading in a friendly this afternoon.
Tom Dallison and Mark WrightTom Dallison and Mark Wright
Tom Dallison and Mark Wright

The reality TV star, known for I'm a Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing and The Only Way is, returned to his first career of playing football with a solid display against a young Reading side. Watch the full interview below

Wright, who played for Southend United and had a spelll at Crawley in in 2006-7, played alongside Tom Dallison in defence.

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He said: "It was good, I enjoyed it. Bit of fitness, him [Tom Dallison] next to me, bit of experience. It was a good day, I enjoyed it.

"There was a lot of encouragement from the line, Youngy [Lewis Young], experienced pros like that, Bradders [Lee Bradbury] and Dallo all talking to me, so I just felt I fitted in.

"It was for fitness mainly, and I loved every minute of it."

Wright started training with the team in October. He said: "I am really enjoying. I love being around the lads and being around football everyday. That’s the one thing I miss.

"To have this opportunity is amazing."

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On the game Tom Dallison said: "It’s good for us to come out and get some minutes, a few of us needed it. I thought everyone applied themselves . We could have got a win but it could have gone either way."

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