It's an 'awkward' time for Crawley Town boss John Yems

Crawley Town manager John Yems says it’s an ‘awkward’ time for him with regard to players.

Reds should have played their final game of the season last weekend – but because of the lockdown we still don’t know when and how the EFL season will be resolved.

Now would have been the time Yems and the club’s management would have been looking at bringing in players, renewing contracts and more.

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But this cannot be sorted until they know their finances for next season.

John Yems

Yems said: “Contracts, sponsorship deals and loads of things need to be sorted but football gets in the way of everything. And we need to know our budget for next season before we can sort any of it.

“I am in an awkward position because there are some lads’ contracts coming up that we were going to do some things with before the virus lockdown.

“But as a manager speaking to other managers, it’s very hard when you don’t know what the finances are going to be.

“You are talking to players and existing players. You might really fancy a player and bring him in but you don’t know how much money you have got.”

Last week technical director Erdem Konyar said he ‘was not fussed’ about players’ contracts running out on June 30 because he felt the squad would cope without them.

Yems said: “I have to be involved because I am the one who has got to play them.

“The only thing I will say is, the way the lads have performed since I have been here, there are not too many I would want to get rid of.

“We are always looking for players.

“Then you have to look through the squad and I have to be totally honest with the boys who have been there, and there’s not any of them who have not put in the effort or worked hard or do not want to be at the club.

“Obviously you are going to lose some, that’s natural wastage.

“We might sell some and that will benefit the club. Anyone we sell, the money goes towards the club to keep the team going.

“It’s the nature of the beast.”

The secret is making sure you get replacements in. I am, and we are, of the thought that you have to improve all the time. It’s no good bringing someone in that’s as good. They have gtot to be better.