League will use points-per-game calculation for teams in mini divisions

Teams in the top two divisions of the Mid Sussex Football League WILL have their record this season so far taken into account when the campaign resumes next week.

The Mid Sussex Football League has come up with a plan to use points per game as they restart the season
The Mid Sussex Football League has come up with a plan to use points per game as they restart the season

The league is resuming next Saturday - April 3 - but in the top two divisions, the Premier division and Championship, there is not time to complete all games. So the league tables have been split in half in order to give smaller 'mini-divisions' in which there will be time for clubs to play all their rivals.

There had been talk of those mini-leagues starting again from scratch, drawing protests from teams who had sone well in the section of the season that was played before sport was halted before Christmas.

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But now MSFL bosses have come up with a solution.

They have sent the following guidance to all clubs from chairman Duncan Brooker: "Following feedback from the clubs in the Premier and Championship divisions we have been looking at a way in which the results to date can be reflected in the final league tables. In conjunction with the Covid Working Group members we have agreed the following solution:

"The agreed solution is to use the average points gained for each team so far this season, multiply this by six (the number of matches to be played in the mini league) and round up to the nearest point.

"For example, a team having gained 20 points from 11 matches would have an average of 1.8181. Multiplying this by 6 gives a starting points tally of 10.9 , so round up to 11. Points gained from the six mini-league matches will then be added to this total in order to maintain the league table.

"This will make it easier to keep a current league table within Full Time (the league website) following each match played. There will be no movement between the top and bottom halves of each division, even if a team in the bottom finishes with more points than a team in the top.

"I can also confirm we are retaining the 5 “roll on / roll off” Subs rule for the remainder of the season. Can I also remind you that the window for new player registrations is now closed."