Lewes respond to Billericay Town boss’s “despicable” Wormull jibe

Billericay Town manager Craig Edwards has reponded furiously to comments made by Simon Wormull about the Blues’ use of elbows against Lewes on Saturday.

Wormull, not unreasonably, said the referee needed to be firmer to protect his players from leading elbows after Jack Walder suffered a fractured eye socket and Lewis Hamilton was left looking like “he’d gone two rounds with Mike Tyson”.

But Edwards seems to have a temper as short as some of his players when he accused Wormull of being “despicable” and “beneath contempt” in his post-match comments.

Local website This is Total Essex: yesterday wrote: “After Saturday’s game, Edwards, not for the first time this season, was left infuriated with post-match comments made by the opposition manager.

“Rooks’ boss Simon Wormull said two of his players were forced to go to hospital after the game after being elbowed by their Town counterparts.

“It’s a claim Edwards vehemently denies and he wants an apology.”

This is Total Essex said Edwards responded with the comments, “I think it’s disgusting what he’s gone and said after the game.

“He even came and congratulated us after the game on winning so, for me, this is beneath contempt.

“We’ve had one player sent off in 45 games and to accuse my players of doing this is despicable and I think he owes us an apology.”

Wormull was unavailable for a comment yesterday but club chairman Steve Ibbitson said: “The fact is Jack was taken to Eastbourne (District General) Hospital at around 9pm on Saturday.

“While there he had two brain scans. They believe that he has cracked his eye socket. He’s obviously out of hospital now but they do want to see him again to keep observation on him.

“Obviously I’m not saying the use of the elbow was deliberate but the fact is Jack has suffered what is believed to be a cracked eye socket.

“And Lewis also suffered some bad bruising above the eye.

“Simon is simply concerned about the welfare of his players, and so he should be.”

Rooks skipper Steve Robinson, no stranger to tough games in his long career at centre back, of course, laughed as he told me after the game that the match was like a “war out there,” while Walder took to Twitter to say: “Got slight crack on eye socket from an elbow last Saturday. Got to let it heel (sic). But no op so I’m buzzing about that.”