Littlehampton Town at Wembley: Golds' skipper's plea for final push

We quizzed Littlehampton Town skipper Jordan Clark on how things were in the camp ahead of Sunday's visit to Wembley - and what he'll do if he scores. That and other burning issues...

Jordan… describe Golds’ season in one word...

They’re many different words in which you could describe the season so far but for me unity best describes it.

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Throughout this season, granted we’ve had some amazing times so far but we’ve also experienced the lows.

Jordan Clark runs away to celebrate his headed goal in the semi-final win over Loughborough Students / Picture: Martin Denyer

What’s impressed me most about the team is the way we’ve dealt with these situations and stayed focused and committed to the cause and that’s mainly down to the unity we’ve created.

High point of the Vase run?

The win over Loughborough has to have been my highest point so far.

The performance that we put it with nothing short brilliant and to have those 3,000 odd fans creating that special atmosphere was for sure something I’ll never forget.

And the low point?

Personally that was that game at Newham (when Golds lost 5-0 before being reinstated as they’d fielded an ineligible player).

Football wise we got absolutely outperformed that day and there was simply no excuses for that performance. It was a bitter pill to swallow and looking back at it a massive reality check to all of us.

Maybe it could be seen as a blessing in disguise for us back that’s one game I won’t pay much attention to in the future.

Have you got close to playing at Wembley before?

I haven’t - it’s never been a realistic target of clubs I’ve played for. It’s most lads’ dream to play at Wembley and without disrespecting the level we are playing at it’s highly unlikely small teams like Littlehampton can achieve that.

But I’m happy that we’ve broken the mould and been given that opportunity to achieve something truly special.

How will you celebrate if you score?

I’ll be heading straight to those fans going mental! Realistically it’s highly unlikely I’ll get anywhere near that scoresheet but we can all dream, right?

I’ll take a result no matter who scores and rest assured we’ll give everything we’ve got to make that a reality.

Which player is most excited about Sunday and who’s playing it cool?

Lucas Pattenden is like a kid at Christmas - every time I see him just absolutely buzzing for the occasion. But Lewis Jenkins is giving off different vibes. For the last two weeks he’s been sending me screenshots of the weather forecast for Sunday – he’s worried how red his hair will look in the sun! Sorry for that, Lew…

What do you know about the opposition?

In regards to Newport Pagnell I genuinely don’t know much about them. It’s easy to look at their league table (they came fourth) and base it upon that but looking at the magnitude of the occasion I believe form somewhat goes out the window.

We have to give them the utmost respect for getting to the final but come that first whistle we’re be going all out for that win.

Got many family and friends going to Wembley?

I haven’t quite got a family the size of Lee Garnham’s! But all the most important people in my life will be there on what should be a very special occasion for me and for many, many people regardless of the outcome.

The club this season has created a bond between players, club members, fans and families that has made this all that much sweeter and words on paper won’t ever describe quite just what we’ve had.

Whatever happens on the day, it’s forever going to be something we can look back on and cherish and I’m just grateful I’ve been on this journey captaining this side with you all. Now let’s make one last push! Up the Golds!