New football scheme comes to Hastings - but what is SheGoals?

A new women’s football initiative is coming to Hastings.
Football can change lives for the betterFootball can change lives for the better
Football can change lives for the better

SheGoals is a new Hastings-based football project for women and is open to any women, age 16+ especially those who may have difficulties with their mental health and have anxiety regarding new experiences.

Working in partnership with Hastings United FC and supported by Lilly from Eggtooth, SheGoals will form a supportive team along with FA qualified Hastings United coach Glyn White and coaching assistant Lauren (HUFC footballer). SheGoals will give the women confidence, improve fitness levels and raise their self – esteem. They will also become part of the wider Hastings United FC community.

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Hastings Uited CEO Billy Wood said: "Women’s participation in sport is something we at Hastings United Football Club feel so strongly about, therefore there was no hesitation in partnering with Eggtooth on SheGoals.

"We feel this partnership will allow women from 16+ to be able to participate in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment regardless of their level ability. It’s imperative we all support and do what we can to help individuals feel comfortable to be able to try something new or help them overcome mental health obstacles to do something they would love to do.

"Partnering with Sally and the Eggtooth team on this project will not only be fun but we hope we can make a difference.

"Women’s football is growing area of the sport that deserves attention and respect, we believe the town is showing that in its numbers by supporting the exciting Hastings United Women’s team, SheGoals adds another amazing dimension to that.” Billy Wood – CEO and Chairman Hastings United Football Club."

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SheGoals are also excited to collaborate with High Glades Medical Practice in Hollington, who approached them to develop the idea for some of their patients with anxiety. They expressed there was no opportunity to play football and meet other like-minded people so it is felt that a weekly football session for women will be a huge help for women to meet others, get fitter and be part of a social and supportive group.

The majority of the young women Eggtooth have supported stopped doing any sport in secondary school due to many issues, body image, peer pressure, lack of motivation and poor teaching and coaching. SheGoals hope to appeal to those women who would have loved to have played football more but didn’t see any opportunities for them to do so.

They added: "We know that just going to SheGoals will be a huge step for a lot of the women and making it a regular evening session for them will be integral to different aspects of their lives. Stickability and persistence can elicit real change. The women will be outdoors, in all weathers and will see a difference in their fitness levels. It will also be hugely fun, safe and led by coaches that are in tune with the project.

"We feel that SheGoals will build resilience and will enable the women to work as a team in its truest sense. There is also the possibility for some women to trial for the newly formed Hastings United Women's team if appropriate. There is also scope for SheGoals to become a more social group with extra sessions not on a pitch!"

SheGoals is a pilot project and is free for all women for the first year and funded by Sport England.

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