Old boy is new sponsor of Uckfield Town FC

Uckfield Town new sponsor
Uckfield Town new sponsor

Uckfield Town FC’s new club sponsor has been unveiled as a local businessman in the town – and a former player for the team.

UTFC’s Joe Miller said: “Like every club in the county league, sponsorship is of paramount importance to make the club tick over for a season and help achieve various goals.

“One company in particular stepped up to the plate this closed season, in the name of G&C installations.

“Through the years we have been fortunate enough to have various ex-players of Uckfield Town still taking a big interest in the club. This year was no different with the integral interest of G&C director David Garside.

“David, or Dave as he is more commonly known, has represented the club at various points in his footballing career, making more than 100 appearances for the club in goal and on field.

“We would like to say a big thank you to directors David Garside and Peter Coakley for their generous support of our club, we look forward to forging a great relationship together.”