Pompey boss not engaging in play-off chat

Pompey boss Paul Cook Picture: Joe PeplerPompey boss Paul Cook Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey boss Paul Cook Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey boss Paul Cook is banishing the play-off chatter until the final match of the season.

The Blues are all but mathematically certain of a play-off spot following the weekend victory over Wycombe.

Yet their opposition remains uncertain with two weekends left in the League Two campaign.

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Depending on final positions, Pompey will face one of AFC Wimbledon, Plymouth, Bristol Rovers, Oxford United or Accrington in the two-legged semi-final.

In the meantime, though, Cook prefers not to trawl through predictions in favour of focusing on the present.

He said: ‘I don’t want to talk about the play-offs to be honest, I just want to concentrate on tonight’s game at Wimbledon firstly.

‘After the Hartlepool game we can talk more about play-offs because you will know a bit more of what the likelihood is.

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‘The chances are it is going to go down to the last day for the automatics, so probably we won’t know who we will be getting until then either.

‘I have my preferences, I will always keep those private, I am certainly not going to engage in debate about that.

‘I would not be as stupid as to say Cambridge cannot catch us. Although their challenge is to win twice – Plymouth and Mansfield.

‘The likelihood is Shaun Derry’s side won’t catch up but you never know in football, you would never be as foolish to say they cannot.

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‘It’s just far too early to talk about play-offs, let’s get our place cemented and then we will know where we are at and will look at things.

‘I would imagine you could talk more aggressively about where you are and what you think about the play-offs once the Hartlepool game is out of the way.’