Quite Tricky Sports Quiz

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Can you identify the following pieces of football commentary?

They have all become iconic moments in the art of commentary. Award yourself points for getting the name of the commentator, the scorer, both teams, and the year and competition. Blanks are inserted where the name of the player or club has been mentioned. The same commentator can feature in more than one answer. Answers will appear online tomorrow or if you can’t wait that long, that are in this week’s edition of the Sussex Express – out now. Good luck

Q1: Is __ gonna have a crack? He is you know... oh!

Q2: Look at that! Oh, look at that!

Q3: Hello... hello...!

Q4: Interesting... very interesting! Look at his face... just look at his face!

Q5: Ah, ya beauty! What a hit, son! What a hit!

Q6: And __ will go mad.. and they’ve every right to go mad!

Q7: Can __ score? They ALWAYS score...

Q7: It’s up for grabs now..!

Q7: He’s gonna flip one now. He’s gonna flip on, he’s gonna flip one!

Q7: Here’s __, he might make it three. He has! He has! So that’s it... that is IT!